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"If you really want to learn how to use the TI-89 quickly and with relevance to AP Calculus..., I highly recommend AP Calculus with the TI-89 by George Best and Richard Lux. I've just about worn mine out!"

- Carol Hart, Orange Park, Florida

AP Calculus with the
TI-89 Graphing Calculator
by George Best and Richard Lux
One of the most powerful and sophisticated calculators available, the TI-89 offers students and teachers the opportunity to bring graphical, numerical, symbolic processing into the teaching and learning of calculus. This book is designed to support the effective and appropriate use of the TI-89 in an AP calculus course.

The book features:

  • "Getting Started" chapter that offers a friendly introduction to the keyboard, data entry, numeric and symbolic calculations and graphing.
  • All topics that are included in the new AP calculus course description.
  • Useful programs and scripts for several topics.
  • Labs that encourage students to explore patterns and then describe them.
  • Multiple-choice and free response questions at the end of each chapter that are similar to the questions that might appear on the new AP Calculus examination.
  • May be used as a supplement to any textbook.