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Algerbra, Precalculus and Statistics with the TI-84 calculator

by George Best and Robert Schneider
This is a TI-84 version of our popular Exploring Algerbra, pre-calculus and Statistics with the TI-83 book. I tis designed to support the effective and appropriate use of the TI-84 teaching algerbra, pre calculus and statistics.

It is filled with examples and exercises that explain how the
TI-84 can be used to teach concepts and problem solving techniques


  • "Getting started" chapter that offers a friendly introduction to the keyboard, data entry, numeric data and graphing.
  • A thorough explanation of how to program the TI-84.
    Technology tips throughout the text
  • Labs that encourage studfents to explore patterns and then descibe them.
RECENTLY UPDATED - 2nd Edition now available
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