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"I found myself turning to "TI-83 Enhanced Statistics" as we were about to introduce a new topic. I usually found a wonderful example that illustrated the major point of the new topic and a clear explanation of how to solve that example with the TI-83."

- Al Coons, Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, MA

TI-83 Enhanced Statistics
by Ray Barton and John Diehl
The TI-83 graphing calculator has built-in statistical features that have previously been available only in sophisticated computer software. This new book contains 35 activities designed to illustrate how these new features can be used to analyze and graph data, fit curves to data, simulate probability experiments, investigate distributions, and make statistical inferences. Challenging and interesting exercises are included in each activity; the data presented are based on real problems. Written to accompany and enhance the new AP statistics course, this book is an excellent resource for both teachers and students.