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"...a handsome creation, which neatly fills a gap in the literature for beginning students..."

-- Rick Parris, Exeter, NH

Introduction to Fractals and Chaos:
Mathematics and Meaning
by Crayton W. Bedford
Fractals and Chaos is an exploration of discrete dynamical systems, using primarily the concepts of precalculus and the technology of the TI-83. Required mathematical and technological skills are reviewed or developed to give hands-on experience with the ideas of chaos theory and fractal geometry, supported by a set of graded exercises for every 4-6 pages of text. The last chapter, unusual in a math course, is a review of some of the applications of chaos theory in the sciences, humanities and philosophy.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Fractals
  • Chapter 3 Orbit Analysis
  • Chapter 4 The Road to Chaos
  • Chapter 5 Functions of Complex Numbers
  • Chapter 6 Julia and Mandelbrot Sets
  • Chapter 7 The Mathematics of Chaos
  • Chapter 8 The Meaning of Chaos
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