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A Brief Introduction to
Logic, Digital Circuits and Sets
by George Best
The study of elementary logic helps students see connections, question hypotheses and develop correct conclusions based on principles of logical reasoning. The explanation of how computers and calculators work is based on mathematical logic. Every student who uses technology should have an elementary understanding and appreciation for the connection between logic and digital circuits.

A sound foundation in elementary logic is essential for continued study in mathematics.

The material in this brief introductory logic book would fit well into the post AP period.

(L100) Spiral bound, 80 pages. Price: $27.00

Chapter 1  Elementary Logic
Logical Equivalence/Applications
Logical Implications; Argument Forms
1.7 Arguments; Sound Arguments 31
  Supplementary Problems 36
Chapter 2  Applications of Elementary Logic
2.1 Switching Circuits 37
2.2 Circuit Design 45
2.3 Binary Numbers; Circuits and Addition 49
Supplementary Problems 57

Chapter 3 Open Statements and Sets

3.1 Names; Equality 59
3.2 Sets, Variables and Quantifiers 65
3.3 More on Sets 74
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