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“...provides excellent connections between precalculus topics and the TI-89; it is a terrific supplement to any precalculus text...”                        

- Henry Smith, Granville, NY

Using the TI-89 to Explore Algebra, Precalculus and Statistics
by Brenda Batten, George Best and Robert Schneider
The TI-89 is the first hand-held calculator that combines the features of a graphing calculator with computer algebra capabilities. The purpose of this book is to explain how and when to use the TI-89 graphing calculator in an algebra, precalculus or statistics course. The contents parallel that in Exploring Algebra, Precalculus and Statistics by Best, Penner and Schneider.


  • A thorough explanation of how to use and program the
  • Algebra, precalculus and statistics labs the encourage students to explore patterns and then describe them
  • A unique collection of exercises and programs involving algebra, precalculus and statistics concepts.
  • Technology tips throughout the text.
  • Problems that can be solved graphically, numerically, algebraically or a combination of these strategies.
  • An accessible listing of TI-89 menus.