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"I have taught calculus courses to both high school and college students for more than 20 years. The texts used during those years (at Amherst College, the University of Massachusetts, and now at Andover) have included many stars in this field, such as G.B. Thomas and Johnson and Kiokemeister... Nevertheless, I can say without reservation, that this well written, readable book by Best and Penner is the best calculus book that I have ever used."

- Douglas E. Crabtree, Ph.D., Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

by George Best and David Penner
Should calculus be taught differently?

This unique yet highly readable text represents a new approach to teaching calculus. For example, the definite integral is introduced before the derivative. Although to some this may seem unusual, it is pedagogically sound and consistent with the historical and logical development of calculus. Moreover, it is the best way to make meaningful the true connection between the integral and the derivative. The text is an excellent preparation for the College Board AB and BC advanced placement test. The BestGrapher softwareis included with an adoption of the book.


  • Clear exposition and lots of examples.
  • A treatment of integration before differentiation in order to avoid the early discouraging encounters with the derivative as a limit.
  • Trigonometric functions are introduced in Chapter 1.
  • Graphing with a graphing calculator or computer as the first step in studying new concepts.