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Peter Taylor...has designed a calculus course that emphasizes the concepts of calculus far more than the symbolic manipulations... Instructors who want to adopt an interactive teaching style will find this book with its marvelous collection of problems extremely helpful, and their students will learn to think more about the concepts of calculus."

- From the Foreword by Andrew M. Gleason,
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

The Analysis of Functions
by Peter D. Taylor
A fresh approach to Calculus that focuses on the concepts and problems

Peter Taylor believes that mathematics in general, and calculus in particular, must be intuitively grasped before it can be mastered. His calculus text avoids both of the excesses that have become traps in the standard two kinds of introductory calculus text: it is neither a mind-numbing algorithmic cookbook approach; nor is it an exercise in formal and d proofs. The entire first chapter, "The World: A Graphical Tour" takes the student through a vast range of real-life problems that spans differential calculus. Taylor invites the student to analyze the problems and try to solve them and/or find an approximation to a solution, using whatever mathematical and logical tools the student has ready. Only later in the book, when the student has by then gained an intuitive grasp of the problems, does Taylor introduce the tools and techniques of calculus.

Student Solution Manual and Instructor's Resource Book with Solutions available.
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