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The Trigonometry Workbook
with the TI-83 /84 and The Geometer's Sketchpad
by David Bannard
The Trigonometry Workbook is a full text for a one semester course in trigonometry. The book is specifically designed to utilize technology including the TI-83 calculator, and The Geometer's Sketchpad. The book includes class exercises, calculator exercises, computer labs using The Geometer's Sketchpad, and suggestions for activities using the internet. In addition, emphasis is placed on students learning the trigonometric functions of special angles, with and without the aid of a calculator, as a thorough knowledge of these angles is helpful in solving many problems that students will encounter in pre-calculus and calculus. Problem sets are designed to teach users a complete course in trigonometry.

A major focus of the book is to teach students to graph the trigonometric functions and their transformations, and to use the graphs and equations to solve modeling problems. The book may be used as a complete text for a one semester course in trigonometry or as a supplement to a precalculus text, providing class exercises, labs and additional topics. It is assumed the students have completed courses in algebra II and geometry.

A CD disk containing Sketchpad labs is included with the book.

Table of Contents

• Right Triangle Trig and Applications
• Radian Measure and the Unit Circle
• Parametric Equations
• Trigonometric Models
• Solving Trigonometric Equations
• Pythagorean Identities
• Inverse Trigonometric Functions
• Solving Triangles
• Vectors
• Angular and Linear Velocity
• Polar Coordinates

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